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Second Tuesdays at Conor Byrne 9:00pm to 12:00pm for Country Dance Night

          Conor Byrne – 5140 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle  (Ballard)

Caleb and Walter is an Americana ensemble whose lush harmonization, skillful musicianship, and eclectic musical selection is guaranteed to satisfy any americana lovers appetite. Paul Beaudry, Caleb Bue, and Colin J. Nelson supply the group with a variety of traditional, modern and original material which all gets processed with their own unique flavor and professional yet playful style. A rotating crew of Country Dave Harmonson (electric guitar, vocals), Kelly Van Kamp (drums, vocals, harmonica), and Jeff Warden (drums, vocals) help us complete a rootsy country sound that inspires dancing and drinking, in no particular order.

Our reputation as one of Seattle’s premier country bands can be illuminated by our long standing residencies and our frequency at some of Seattle’s finest clubs and dance halls. 2023 marks a decade as house band for the Country Dance Night at Conor Byrne, a night that has become a favorite among the Seattle country dance scene. We also play regularly at The Tractor Tavern, The Shanty Tavern, Darrell’s Tavern, The Sunset, Slim’s Last Chance, and the list goes on (see our past shows for more!). In addition, we are often asked to play private parties, weddings, and other fun events. We can diversely play to late night bar saucy dance crowds as well as all-ages family-friendly events. We provide the entertainment that best suits the venue and the crowd. Come see us…WE PLAY ALL THE TIME!

  • “As a person who both dances and teaches dance, Caleb and Walter are the perfect band to see live. Great set lists, talented musicians, and all-around good people! They play a wide variety of classic and original tunes that are ideal for dancing (maybe a little drinking too). When I hear they are playing, I make a point not to miss the show. I would highly recommend hiring Caleb and Walter for any event where having a good time is your goal. Love these guys!” -Mike Augusta/Outlaw Swing
  • “I love Caleb & Walter, we’ve booked them as support for national acts, on great local bills, and at music festivals. They have a widely appealing set of music, can play for 30-90 mins+ and are so much fun to dance to. They’re great to work with, and we know they’re a crowd favorite. PLUS THOSE HARMONIES (swoon)!!! -Leigh Bezezekoff, Tractor Tavern
  • “Caleb & Walter was the hit of our Family Night event at Swansons. Their music had both kids and adults up dancing and having fun. The band was great to work with and we will definitely be inviting them to play for us again!” – Aimée Damman, Director of Marketing & Communications, Editor in Chief, Digging Deeper: a NW Gardening Blog Swansons Nursery
  • “My staff and I love Caleb and Walter.  Great musicians, great guys, great fans! We always enjoy their shows at Hattie’s and The Sunset!” – Max Genereaux, Owner, Sunset Tavern and Hattie’s Hat

If you would like to contact us, come see us play and talk to us in person, visit our Caleb and Walter Facebook page, or email us at calebandwalter@gmail.com .

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